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Information Assurance

Can your computer systems be tampered with or crashed by hackers or inquisitive staff?  Can your employees see details of other employees' salaries and career reviews?  How safe is your wireless network? 

Vulnerability Assessments provide you with a detailed & systematic review of your security measures; particularly on your networked computer systems; and are designed to highlight security risks and deficiencies in working practices, equipment and or system configuration.  Our Specialist Security Team can run a full scale vulnerability assessment of your entire business or simply secure your wireless network.  

Working to the international "INFORMATION ASSURANCE FOR COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS" standard published by the UK, US, Canadian and New Zealand Combined Communications-Electronics Board, our Vulnerability analysis will assist you by:

(1) Identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities;

(2) Advising management on compliance with best practice security standards;

(3) Providing advice and support for the reduction or elimination of these vulnerabilities, seeking to prevent or minimize damage due to loss or compromise of CIS services.

Wireless Vulnerability Assessment

Wireless or wi-fi networks have become hugely popular over the last few years because they are easy to set up.  However, a survey of wi-fi networks in London showed that 26% of IT departments had simply turned on their wireless access points and used default settings that anyone familiar with wi-fi could easily find out. [1]  Unauthorised access can leave your networks open to any attacker and provide the more unscrupulous or immoral with untraceable internet access, including access to sites that are illegal in most of the world.  But it will be your account that gets traced.

[1] BBC News Thursday, 10 March, 2005

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