Information Assurance


Information Assurance "Information Warfare has been given many definitions but at its core is a realisation of the growing vulnerability of all organisations to attacks on their information activities.  Disruption to the information activities on which we all now rely could have catastrophic consequences."[1]

Information Assurance is your defence against the threats, both internal and external, to the information your business depends on for its survival.   It protects your Information Infrastructure against exploitation, degradation, and denial of service, while providing the means to efficiently reconstitute and re-establish vital capabilities following an attack. 

Working to ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 standard, our Information Assurance Team will show you how to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your information against the hackers and crackers who make their living by penetrating supposedly secure commercial systems and the "trusted insider" who is, in reality, a far more dangerous threat.[2]

We can conduct an independent Security Assessment to provide you with a detailed & systematic review of your security measures; this can include an in-depth Penetration Testing service to identify internal and external vulnerabilities in your IT systems and Security Investigations and Computer Forensic Analysis to follow up on any incidents that have already occurred.

[1] Dr Andrew Rathmell National Crime Intelligence Service (NCIS: The Newsletter for Criminal Analysts within NCIS, July 1997, issue no.2, p.1.

[2] The 1996 DTI Information Security breaches Survey reports three times as many breaches came from inside the respondents organisations as originated externally.

ISO 17799 & ISO 27001
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Penetration Testing
 Security Investigations & Forensic Analysis