Intelligence Analysis


Services In the changing international environment, knowledge and understanding are the key to success.  Intelligence provides these in a world where information is the commodity.  A steady and reliable flow of good quality intelligence is fundamental to successful economic operation.   By using intelligence and the knowledge it delivers, decision-makers are able to reduce uncertainty and manage risk.

We provide a range of business intelligence, research, analysis and consulting services to help you capitalise on future business opportunities.  Accurate and actionable intelligence provided to the right person at the right time will allow your company to focus scarce and valuable resources to maximum effect, reducing wasted effort and increasing the likelihood of success 

We can  gather, analyse and evaluate both open and closed source intelligence to give the whole picture; allowing you the luxury of rationalised, evidence-based decision making. 

Methods for gaining and corroborating intelligence are hugely diverse, our operatives all come from proven backgrounds in the Military, Police or Security Services.

Management & Tasking
Collection & Processing
Exploitation & Dissemination